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Dear Builders,

Under the Projects menu you find all the PCB layouts that I have made together with their documentations.

Technical stuff

Basically I try to fit my layouts into the standard Hammond 1590B size boxes, however there might be cases where this is simply impossible for example due to the number of pots. I always mark the sizes with icons. I also try to build all my layouts, but I don’t always have the time or energy for that. I mark the verified layouts too with an icon but if you find an unverified one and build it yourself I’d highly appreciate if you could drop me a mail with the results.

Below is the legend for the used icons


Fits only the size 125B or larger


Fits only the size 1590BB or larger


Fits the size 1590A too





In the case of the average 1590B sized layouts the pots are soldered to the PCB from the solder side and they hold the PCB in place in the box. The rectangular pad is for lug 1 (figure 1).

In many cases – especially for the 1590A sized PCBs – the pots are not soldered directly to the PCB, but connected with wires. In these cases the pads are not necessarily at the same place or near each other, but are marked with the lug numbers. The lug numbering is the same as above. The markings are often abbreviated due to the lack of space, for example instead of “Volume1” only “V1”. The footswitch, the jack connectors, the LED and the power connector are never soldered directly onto the PCB, but are connected with wires. The pads are marked and the offboard wiring is done (figure 2).



Legal stuff

You can use these layouts free, except for commercial purposes. It is ok to build a pedal or two for your buddies or band mates. You may also sell the pedals that you have built – eventually everyone can get bored of the sound of a pedal. However I obviously don’t want to see my layouts in pedals running under different brands. These layouts are my artworks and my intellectual property therefore I own the copyrights. If you make a pedal for someone using my layouts please mention that you are using my layouts. That’s it about the copyright things, I think you all get the idea ;)

Also I do not provide any support regarding these projects. All the necessary info is in the documentations and here in the intro. If you still have questions just send me a mail, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to answer in a timely fashion (or at all…) I also don’t take the responsibility for the quality of the projects or for any injuries, damages or harms caused by these projects. Please use common sense: the soldering iron is hot, a wire cutter or an XActo knife is sharp. The tools used are not the most hazardous things in the world, but still use them with caution.

And after this rather long intro see the goodness below, hope you will enjoy them ;)


Crank It! Earthquaker Devices Speaker Cranker clone – dirty boost drdfx-ikon-verified-25pxdrdfx-ikon-mini-25px

Fattie Demeter Fat Control clone 

Rooster Booster AMZ Mini-Booster clone 

Epic Booster Xotic EP Booster clone drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

drdFX MultiBooster multiple boosters 

drdFX Rooster Booster Reloaded own desing with a Tube Screamer-like sound 


30+ Wampler Cranked AC clone – my favourite dirtortion! drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

Ankh Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe clone – my favourite fuzz  drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

Le Metal Wampler Triple Wreck clone – versatile high gainer drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-125b-25px

The Ugly Pro-Co Rat clone drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

Abyss Bass distortion drdfx-ikon-verified-25px

Lightningbolt ROG Supreaux drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

Lightningbolt 2 ROG Supreaux Deux drdfx-ikon-verified-25px

Fuzz-O-Tron Zvex Mastotron clone drdfx-ikon-verified-25px

Jimmy Paul Cochrane’s Timmy OD clone drdfx-ikon-verified-25px

Miel Doux Mad Professor Sweet Honey clone drdfx-ikon-verified-25px

Little Prick EHX Big Muff Pi clone drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

Kingbee BJFE Honey Bee clone 

Cashmere Wampler Paisley Drive clone 

Operation Fuzz A simple fuzz for bass  drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

Seth Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh clone 

Soylent Green Ibanez Tube Screamer clone 

El Fuzz De Los Muertos SRS EQ Exciter clone  

Convolvulaceae JHS Morning Glory clone 

Ommm… Hermida ZenDrive clone – low to mid gain OD drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

Miraculum RambleFX Marvel Drive clone – Marshall Plexi simulation drdfx-ikon-verified-25px

Drive It! Earthquaker Devices Crimson Drive clone – Ge transistor based OD drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

The Hedgehog Maxon SD9 Sonic Distortion clone drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

Return Of The Hedgehog Maxon SD9M clone drdfx-ikon-verified-25px

Emptyness Fulltone Fulldrive II Mosfet clone drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-maxi-25px

Lunch Box MI Audio Crunch Box clone drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

250+ DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp clone drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

Paleo Fuzz Zvex Wooly Mammoth clone  

Graveyard Madbean Boneyard II clone 

8Ball Keeler Push clone  

Caterpillar Earthquaker Devices Chrysalis clone  

ARC Xotic AC Booster clone 

Grizzly Fuzz KMA Fuzzly Bear clone  

Aang Solasound Tonebender MKII clone  

Brütalizer GCI Bass Brutalist clone 


The Depth Deep Blue Delay clone – PT2399 based delay  drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

Petit Clown EHX Small Clone chorus clone drdfx-ikon-verified-25px

300BPM EQD Hummingbird tremolo clone drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

LLAP MXR Phase 90 clone 

Rubber Duck Rub-s-Dub reverb drdfx-ikon-verified-25px drdfx-ikon-mini-25px

Rubber Duck Deluxe Rub-a-Dub Deluxe reverb drdfx-ikon-verified-25px

Hope Deadastronaut Chasm Reverb clone