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Little Prick

Yet antoher iconic piece from the imaginary Top 100 Guitar Pedals list: the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi. Most guitarists try this too during their life. The characteristics are the high gain with solid, compressed, sometimes violin-like sound. Very popular among stoner and grunge musicians, but...


If I say "fuzz", most of you will reply with "Fuzz Face" when playing an association game. In today's post I'm not going to write about this iconic pedal, but about one of its close relatives: the Zvex Mastotron. The Fuzz Face circuit is a...


The "fuzz" is the third typical distortion device in the arsenal of guitarists next to "overdrives" and "distortions". In some forums there are long discussions and debates about these categories. I don't want to play this game especially because I don't think that there is...