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Le Metal

Le Metal

metal_01Yet again an effect from one of the biggest gurus: Brian Wampler. The Le Metal is a clone of the Triple Wreck without the boost option. I’m not a metal fan, but this pedal is very versatile with a lot of thoughts in it. The three band EQ works in incredible ranges which can be altered further with the Voice switch to achieve a more vintage or a more modern sound. The Gain can be set to anything from raunchy blues to death metal. The pedal was designed basically for metal, but if I could only use this one pedal I could probably get any tones I need without much to give up – except for the wilder fuzz sounds. Here is a little demo of my clone:



LeMetal_schematicFrom the schematic one can see that here has been used everything that we know for ditortion devices: hard clipping, soft clipping, a Baxandall tone stack plus midrange control. The original unit has an additional boost section too before the effect. I have omitted it for the sake of size: this stripped down version fits into a 125B box. The original however has that option too making it even more versatile.

You can find the docu under the Projects menu.

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