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1st Entry

1st Entry

So… Why do we need yet another blog on the internet? Actually we don’t. But I like building pedals and I’m also extroverted enough to want to write about it :)


I have created quite a few PCB layouts recently and I thought these layouts might be of interest of other people too. I love the work of |V|ark and mirosol at tagboardeffects.blogspot.com, even though they are quite inactive lately. I also admire peolpe like madbean at madbeanpedals.com and all the good fellows on the well known pedal forums who share their works and ideas. You can find my layouts under the Projects page, feel free to use them for personal usage. The usage of these for commercial purposes is prohibited, pleae contact me if you intend to use any of my layouts for a commercial product. Some of the layouts are tested and verified, some are not (they are tagged properly) – I’d appreciate for any feedback especially for the ones that are not verified/tested yet.

If you like what I do, you find some of my statements to be wrong, you want to request a layout, or just want to send me a mail do not hesitate to do so under the contact link ;) I also do repair, modding or custom pedal building if you are interested in that.

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